Criminal Law FAQs

Our Criminal Law Section's philosophy in representing the criminal defendant is simple. If you are truly innocent, our Criminal Law Lawyers will leave no stone unturned in our attempt to see that all criminal charges are dropped. If these Criminal Law Lawyers cannot convince the State to dismiss the criminal charges, we will be glad to take the case to trial.

In the event that guilt may be an issue, it is our Criminal Law Section's practice to attempt to humanize the client so a prosecutor and/or court can understand why one may have committed a foolish act. Often, we find that criminal acts are the result of depression or life-changing events which can cause people to act in inappropriate ways. Accordingly, these Criminal Law Lawyers work with a wide variety of psychologists, psychiatrists and healthcare practitioners, as well as other experts, in order to present a favorable image of our client.

Our Criminal Law Lawyers have handled hundreds of criminal cases ranging from capital murder cases (those charged with a death-penalty offense) to complex financial federal fraud cases, as well as fairly routine drug possession and driving while intoxicated cases. These Criminal Law Lawyers are experienced in State and Federal criminal law and, given David Sergi's background as a law clerk to the chief judge of the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Texas, our Criminal Law Section has the depth and understanding to handle almost every criminal case.