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A drunk driving charge in Central Texas can result in serious penalties now and damages that can have an impact on your record for years into the future. If you have been charged with DWI or a related driving offense in Caldwell County, Hays County, Travis County, Bexar County or Comal County, turn to Sergi & Associates, P.C., for aggressive, effective defense.

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From offices in San Marcos, our local lawyers represent clients charged with DWI and related offenses in Hays County and throughout Central Texas. Call us toll free at 800-407-0913 or contact us by email or fax to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our experienced San Marcos DWI attorneys.

Aggressive Drunk Driving Defense — We Challenge Everything

A vigorous defense begins with understanding Texas laws regarding probable cause for the police to make the traffic stop. From there, we review all records regarding the field sobriety test, police actions at the scene and in the jail. We gather Intoxilyzer records to ensure that the blood alcohol content (BAC) test was properly conducted and the results were protected from contamination. You can be confident that we will pursue every strategy to make sure your rights are protected.

We believe that taking a DWI case to trial is often necessary to protect our clients' rights and future. Intoxilyzer machines are often not calibrated correctly, meaning the results are faulty. Police and prosecutors are not going to admit that. We use a professional investigator and years of experience and knowledge to challenge the evidence against you. That is the advantage of working with a local DWI defense lawyer. We understand the police, the prosecutors and the courts.

If You Refused The BAC Test

In most cases, you are within your rights to refuse the Breathalyzer test. Refusing the test may be to your advantage. However, Texas also has no-refusal weekends, in which drivers who refuse the breath test may have involuntary blood tests taken and used against them as evidence. Such involuntary blood tests are open to challenge.

If You Know You Cannot Fight The Drunk Driving Charge

It may be the case that the police and prosecutor have the evidence to obtain a conviction. That does not mean, however, that your only option is to accept the full weight of punishment. We have earned a reputation for integrity among Central Texas county prosecutors. We will work hard to seek a solution that does not necessarily include jail time and the heavy financial fines that can be meted out. Whenever possible, we look for options that include probation or a suspended sentence upon completion of an approved education program or treatment, if available.

Protecting Your Driver's License

Your first line of defense begins with protecting your driver's license from automatic suspension. You have a very limited number of days to schedule a hearing at your local administrative law office to petition for the return of your license, pending the outcome of your criminal case. It is vitally important to have an experienced attorney represent you at your hearing. This is often your first opportunity to present evidence that your rights have been violated. In many cases, the police and prosecutor can lose their case during the administrative hearing, resulting in reduced or dismissed criminal charges.

We practice with integrity, including prompt return of phone calls and email messages, and clear explanation of legal options. Our fees are competitive and based on reasonable billing practices. We accept all major credit cards, and payment plans may be arranged.

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