Criminal Ground Rules

Our friends at the New York City law firm of Greenberg & Merola came up with "The 10 Commandments" for dealing with a policeman. (Please note the following comments are general in nature, are not intended to address a specific legal question, and do not constitute legal advice.)

1. ALWAYS scream for your attorney NOW.

2. ALWAYS remember loose lips sink ships and BIG MOUTHS GO TO JAIL!

3. NEVER talk about your case to anyone but your lawyer.

4. NEVER sign anything for a cop.

5. NEVER answer questions of make any statements to a cop. SHUT UP NOW.

6. NEVER let a cop into your home or onto your property without a search warrant.

7. NEVER agree to stand in a police lineup or go to the police station to "clear things up."

8. NEVER consent, agree or "waive" anything. Remember "waive" means give up and go to jail.

9. NEVER take a cop's lie detector test.

10. NEVER let the cops videotape you or try to talk your way out of it. You will lose and go to jail. Shut up now.