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Whatever you may have heard or thought about child custody and parenting rights in Texas divorce cases, things are different now. Courts expect attorneys for both sides to work out an agreement that protects the rights of both parents while making sure the child's welfare is paramount. When parents dispute custody and parenting time, the courts turn to custody evaluators, social workers and other child welfare specialists. Custody battles that were once common are now resolved outside of the courtroom, whenever possible.

If you are concerned about child custody, parenting time or child support issues in your pending divorce in Central Texas, turn to Sergi & Associates, P.C., for legal counsel. We are a team of experienced Texas family law attorneys with experience resolving challenging custody disputes in courts throughout the region.

If You Are Putting Your Ego Ahead Of Your Child's Welfare, Do Not Call Us

We do not allow our clients' personal goals to get in the way of what is best for the long-term welfare of their children. The courts today look at things holistically, including calling on outside experts to evaluate the circumstances, to determine whether mental health issues, a history of domestic abuse or chemical dependency are issues. The professionals do not answer to the attorneys. They respond to the court with their opinion on the case. When necessary, our firm may hire independent psychiatrists or psychologists for additional assistance.

Post-Divorce Modifications

The courts recognize that people's lives change as children grow up. A child custody judgment that may have worked in the past may no longer be appropriate for either of the parents or, for that matter, the child. Whether you are the custodial parent seeking to relocate out of the area, or the noncustodial parent whose job schedule has made a visitation schedule change necessary, we can help. Sometimes, it is the child requesting a change as he or she enters high school and wants more time to be with friends. Whatever reason you may have for seeking a modification, there are often resolutions to the toughest disputes.

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