Alimony And Spousal Support

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Texas laws regarding awarding spousal support — often still referred to as alimony — are unique and specific to every divorce. Generally speaking, spousal maintenance will only be granted on a temporary basis in marriages lasting fewer than 10 years. Often, the support is awarded to help the obligee remain in the family home for a predetermined period of time, or complete job training or education required to succeed on the job market. When awarded, permanent alimony is reserved for cases of long-term marriages, in which one partner would suffer severe financial hardship as a result of the loss of income or financial assets.

Alimony And Domestic Violence

Recent changes in Texas law now take into account divorces involving domestic violence. A spouse seeking maintenance must demonstrate that she or he has been a victim of physical or emotional domestic violence within the previous two years of filing for divorce. Such cases are highly scrutinized by the courts because of the concern that a spouse seeking alimony may falsely accuse the other spouse of violence.

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