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Is it illegal to buy drugs online?

The cost of prescription medication has never been higher in the United States -- and that has many people scrambling to find ways to obtain needed prescriptions without going broke. One way that people have tried to cope is through the use of online pharmacies based in other countries.

Key drug addiction statistics in Texas

Many drug crimes actually happen because of addiction. People who get arrested would never have committed these crimes if they were not addicted to the substances in question. This can be hard for outsiders to fully understand, but addiction is a very real disease that can take an incredible hold on someone's life.

One mistake with drugs could haunt your job search for life

If you get picked up on drug charges, you may be mostly interested in potential fines and jail time if you get convicted. While it is wise to educate yourself on the potential ramifications, remember that a conviction could impact your life long after you have paid your debt to society.

Did you have a legitimate expectation of privacy?

If the police carry out a search, there are steps that must be followed. Typically, they need to have probable cause -- they have a reasonable suspicion that a crime happened -- and they need to get a warrant from a judge. Only then can they search your home, your car or anywhere else that you have an expectation of privacy.

Remember that Texas has strict marijuana laws

In some states, possession of a small amount of marijuana is similar to getting a speeding ticket; you just pay a small fine and it's over. In other states, possession is legal if you have a medical reason to require marijuana. In yet other states, a small amount is not only legal for recreational purposes, but you can buy it over the counter at numerous retail outlets.

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