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How should I explain myself in criminal court?

When it comes to criminal court proceedings, a defendant may have a variety of criminal defense strategies available to help him or her navigate the legal process. One of these strategies relates to the way the defendant explains him or herself. You might refer to this as the type of "criminal defense story" the individual employs. Below, you'll find a quick overview of the two ways criminal defendants usually explain themselves.

Criminal history query an imminent deletion on college form

Judges, prosecutors, cops and certainly criminal defense attorneys - indeed, virtually all parties playing a role in the justice system - know that minors and adults should not routinely be subjected to the same process and similar outcomes when they face criminal charges.

Criminal lineup irregularities now an expanding national focus

Proven Texas criminal defense attorneys know just how important a police lineup can be for an individual accused of unlawful behavior. A lineup is deemed such a key process of a criminal matter that it is commonly referred to as a "critical stage," along with a suspect's arrest, criminal charging, bail and trial.

Focus on teen offenders: pursuing appropriate sentencing outcomes

The passionate and unflagging defense efforts we make on behalf of criminal defendants across Central Texas at Sergi & Associates in San Marcos cover a lot of territory. We advocate diligently for individuals facing criminal charges ranging from capital murder, DWI and theft to drug crimes, sexual assault and more.

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