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How to not raise DUI/DWI suspicions on Texas roadways

Ever see a driver pulled over by the police and wonder what, exactly may have been the reason? It's easy to suspect speeding, but in many cases it is because of erratic behavior, the tell-tale sign of DUI. Texas police will often make traffic stops for particular reasons, then wind up arresting drivers for suspected drunk driving when they may not have even suspected such when making an initial stop. To steer clear of legal problems while driving, it helps to know how to avoid becoming a target for a traffic stop. It's also useful to know what type of support is available to help mitigate your circumstances if a problem arises. 

Texas prom upside can be instantly dashed by a drinking charge

We suspect that most of our readers in Central Texas and elsewhere across the state now look back as adults with fondness and bittersweet tinges of lost youth when they conjure up memories of high school prom. Not everyone was involved with that spectacle, of course, but those who were certainly remember it well, and likely will for a lifetime.

Celebrity DWI cases sometimes instructive

Texas is a flat-out big and highly populated state. That reality makes it a given that high numbers of individuals are routinely stopped by state troopers and police officers on suspicion of drunk driving. Many of those people are subsequently arrested and convicted on a DWI charge.

Opinion: Let's do a rethink on driving-related punishment

A writer in a recent national op-ed article makes some interesting points concerning punishment meted out to American drivers for on-the-road infractions. As a brief preface to spotlighting the essentials of that piece, we note the penalties that are commonly meted out to Texas drivers convicted of drunk driving.

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