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Focus on teen offenders: pursuing appropriate sentencing outcomes

The passionate and unflagging defense efforts we make on behalf of criminal defendants across Central Texas at Sergi & Associates in San Marcos cover a lot of territory. We advocate diligently for individuals facing criminal charges ranging from capital murder, DWI and theft to drug crimes, sexual assault and more.

If at all accurate, this criminal system number is truly alarming

There are many troubling questions that emerge with regularity concerning the criminal justice system and its administration in Texas and across the country. Experienced defense attorneys routinely deal with them as they provide diligent and aggressive representation for clients who have been charged with various criminal offenses.

What is civil asset forfeiture, and why is it concerning?

Imagine a scenario where you are the owner of a small Texas business that is one day summarily raided by law enforcement officials. They claim that some of your assets are illegally derived proceeds from unlawful activity (the potential list is long; think drug activity, for example).

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