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Is your business ready for a lawsuit?

Like many business owners, you are proud of what you have accomplished and have hopes of even more success in the future. This is why you devote as much time as necessary to risk management. You carefully train your employees, carry adequate liability insurance and stay current with the laws affecting your industry.

Delayed symptoms may indicate serious injuries

There is no question that a traffic accident, even a minor one, can disrupt your life. You may miss a day or two of work, go through the hassle of replacing or repairing your vehicle, and deal with the confusion of insurance adjusters and settlement offers. However, before you sign anything relating to possible compensation, you will want to have a thorough medical examination.

What are your rights in a police lineup?

You have probably seen TV crimes shows where a witness watches through two-way glass while people in a lineup stand looking around nervously. One of the people on the other side of the glass is the suspect police want the witness to identify. For the sake of drama, the witness may definitively point to the suspect, whose face is unforgettable, or frustrate police by saying it was too dark and happened too fast to get a good look.

You do not have to navigate real estate transactions on your own

Buying a home or selling a home is a major financial and legal decision for your family. This process involves much more than just hiring a real estate agent and either finding a house you like or putting a for sale sign in your front yard. The real estate transaction process is complex, and without guidance, it can result in complex problems.

Will the new tax code speed up your plans to divorce?

Like many couples, you and your spouse have probably seen good times and bad. You may even have had years when you discussed the idea of ending your marriage, but for whatever reason, you shelved the idea and carried on. As time goes on, you may be more certain that you will one day divorce, but the question is when.

Options for immigrant parents facing child custody problems

If you're currently facing an immigration problem that involves detainment, you are definitely not the only one in Texas. As a good parent, you are no doubt especially concerned with how your current situation may negatively impact your children. Others who have gone through similar experiences in the past have overcome serious child custody problems by knowing their rights ahead of time and also where to seek legal support when needed.

Avoiding tenant troubles by careful vetting

Purchasing property to rent has always been a popular form of investment. With the right knowledge and skills, you may be able to turn a well-run building into a retirement plan. However, as the owner of a rental property, you have your share of challenges, including emergency repairs, security issues and troublesome tenants.

Landing a job may be difficult following DUI conviction in Texas

It's not uncommon to face some type of circumstances in your life where you later wish you would have made a different decision or choice to do or not do something. For instance, if you were at a local restaurant with friends in Texas and enjoyed an alcoholic beverage or two with your meal, then drove home but police stopped you along the way and you wound up facing DUI charges, you may later wish you had asked the waitress for water with lemon instead.

Understanding notice to appear and immigration removal process

Most people in Texas and the rest of the United States enjoy getting mail. You may joke about good, old-fashioned snail mail since getting mail nowadays may equate to text messages, emails or Snapchat photos. However, many agree it is still nice to open an actual mailbox once in a while to find a card or personal note that brightens a day. There are also many types of mail you'd likely rather not receive.

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