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Small amounts of marijuana are still a big deal in Texas

Marijuana is now legal for personal use in the District of Columbia and 10 different states. In 13 other states, the possession of small amounts of the drug is now considered a civil offense -- akin to a traffic ticket -- rather than a criminal matter.

Texas is not one of these states. Along with a few other holdouts, the state has steadfastly refused to get on board the movement toward marijuana legalization. In all but a handful of medical situations, the drug is still completely illegal to possess. Consequently, around 370,000 people have ended up under arrest in a five-year period for possession of less than two ounces of cannabis on one form or another -- even though approximately 55 million other United States residents are regular users of the drug.

That seems, quite frankly, a bit bizarre to most people once they start to think about those facts -- and several lawmakers now agree. With growing bipartisan and public support behind him, Representative Joe Moody has introduced a measure known as House Bill 63. If passed, the law would significantly decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Instead of being arrested, anyone caught with less than an ounce of the drug would merely face a civil fine. Only those caught more than three times would face arrest.

What would this mean? Essentially, it means that people would no longer have to fear arrest, booking, incarceration, hefty fines, the potential of a lengthy probation, a suspended driver's license, the possibility of losing their job or professional license and a criminal record haunting their footsteps whenever they go looking for loans, housing or a career change for doing what millions of their fellow Americans do -- which is currently what happens.

If you've been arrested for marijuana possession -- take the charges seriously, no matter how small the amount that was in your possession. The law in the United States is very uneven these days when it comes to its approach toward marijuana. We can offer representation that will look after your interests and protect your rights during this trying time.

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