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For some couples, mediation just isn't an option

In a perfect world, Texas family law judges would like every couple to use mediation or collaborative law to finalize their divorces. Contentious or emotionally fraught proceedings simply wouldn't take place, especially if a couple has children.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Some people need the court's intervention in order to ensure the receipt of a fair settlement. If you find yourself in this latter category, it is probably due to the personality of your future former spouse.

Some people care more about "winning"

You may know from the start that your divorce will end up in a courtroom because your spouse fits into one of the following personality categories:

  • If your spouse is a narcissist, you already know that the divorce will be all about him or her. This self-serving and self-centered personality type doesn't care about what you need -- only about what he or she needs -- which means you will need to fight for your rights.
  • If your spouse is a control freak, you already know that you face an uphill battle to leave the marriage with everything you deserve. He or she will probably attempt to control the proceedings from the start, so you need a judge involved who won't be fooled or coerced into making certain decisions.
  • If your spouse sees himself or herself as a victim, you could face a bitter battle to make sure you get to see your children and receive what you need to begin your new life. This personality type wants to make you suffer for perceived "wrongs" done to him or her by you.

If your spouse exhibits any of these personality traits, you probably expect him or her to try to make the process more contentious than it needs to be. However, he or she could go even further than just trying to win. Instead, your spouse could try to make sure that you suffer.

You don't have to go through this alone

More than likely, you want a divorce because your spouse falls into one of the above categories. You could attempt to negotiate, but remain prepared to go to court. Do not give up your rights in order to end the situation as quickly as possible. Your future may depend on your willingness to stand up for yourself and assert your rights. If you need a judge to help you do that, so be it. Fortunately, you don't have to go through the divorce process alone.

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