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Use caution with CBD oil in Texas

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is very popular these days. People use it for everything from chronic pain to anxiety. However, a lot of people are still confused about whether or not CBD oil is legal to buy and use. The confusion seems to be growing right along with the product's popularity.

Cannabidiol does carry some legal risks for people who use it here in Texas. Before you buy it (or bring it into the state from somewhere else), there are a few things you should know.

1. CBD oil may contain THC.

Cannabidiol itself does not contain any sort of chemical that produces the "high" generally associated with cannabis products. However, oil often contains small to moderate amounts of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the component of marijuana that is psychoactive.

2. Plain CBD oil is generally legal.

CBD oil without THC is generally legal and can be sold just about anywhere -- and you may find it in numerous products lining the shelves of your local "health food" store. In addition, since there is no THC in the oil, it won't cause a reaction on a drug test.

3. CBD oil containing THC is mostly illegal in Texas.

The Compassionate Use Act of 2015 authorizes "low-THC cannabis" products only for certain people in Texas (those who meet a very prescribed set of medical conditions and have gone through the process of obtaining a physician's recommendation for medical marijuana). No one else is legally allowed to have products containing THC -- even in trace amounts.

Because CBD oil that contains THC is considered a marijuana product, the punishment for possession of CBD oil can be just as severe. That's why it's very important not to assume that your CBD oil is legal. Always read the label. If you see tetrahydrocannabinol in any amount, leave it be.

If you make a mistake and are charged with a drug crime over CBD oil or any other drug, please contact our office to talk with an attorney.

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