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Can a personal Breathalyzer keep you from a drunk driving charge?

It's nerve-wracking, these days, to have a drink or two at a bar with a friend. You never know if the police might pull you over and subject you to a Breathalyzer test on the way home. While those charts that tell you how much you can drink based on your gender and body weight are helpful, they're not perfect; there's still a bit of guesswork involved -- and nobody wants to end up with drunk driving charge.

Could a personal Breathalyzer, the kind you can tuck in your glove compartment or keep in a backpack or purse, be the answer to your problem? Is that the best way to avoid a conviction for driving while intoxicated (DWI)?

No, not really.

Those personal Breathalyzers are nifty little devices, and they can serve to give you a rough indication of how much alcohol is in your system -- but that's about all. You certainly don't want to rely on them to tell you if you're legally sober "enough" to be behind the wheel of a car. Consider this:

  • Personal Breathalyzers vary quite in a bit in quality. When several brands were compared, the BACtrack S80 was the most accurate. Even so, the larger model had an error rate of .005 percent. The keychain model ran an error rate of .02 percent. That's huge when your freedom is on the line.
  • You've probably knocked that Breathalyzer around a bit in your car or bag while you were transporting it around. The delicate parts inside it may have been affected -- which means they may not work properly.
  • The person operating the Breathalyzer (you) isn't entirely sober. Do you really trust your ability to operate the device properly after you've had a few drinks?

Frankly, if you aren't entirely sober, you aren't safe to be driving. If you've been drinking, leave your car where it is and call a friend or get an Uber instead. A drunk driving charge -- or an accident -- is always better off averted.

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