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Use caution with CBD oil in Texas

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is very popular these days. People use it for everything from chronic pain to anxiety. However, a lot of people are still confused about whether or not CBD oil is legal to buy and use. The confusion seems to be growing right along with the product's popularity.

Are you experiencing discrimination at work? You have options.

Experiencing discrimination and other types of inappropriate treatment in the workplace can be overwhelming and frustrating. Texas employees who believe they are facing discrimination of any kind do not have to face it alone – they have the right to fight back. It may be appropriate to file a civil claim.

Texas drug laws and 'drug-free zones'

Texas takes drug crimes extremely seriously -- even more so, however, when a defendant is caught with drugs inside a "drug-free zone." While it may seem unfair, getting charged with a drug crime inside of one of these zones can lead to much more serious consequences than if you were charged while standing just a few feet down the road.

Dealing with utility easements on your property

Perhaps you have always wanted a place where you could grow your own vegetables or a butterfly garden. Maybe you dreamed of owning a piece of land where you could plant trees to create a shady haven. You may have plans for building a workshop, playhouse or patio. When you find the place where you can make those dreams come true, you will want to be sure there are no surprises lurking underground.

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