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December 2018 Archives

Has your child been injured by a defective toy?

Shortly after all the holiday presents are unwrapped, a number of children across the country will end up injured by some of their gifts. Defective toys are a serious problem. Despite the best efforts of many, defective toys are almost impossible to keep off the market and out of the hands of children.

'First Step Act' moves to make criminal justice reform a reality

Meaningful criminal justice reform may be just around the corner. A bipartisan effort moved the criminal justice reform bill called the "First Step Act" through the Senate after languishing over a few tricky details for months. It's widely expected that the bill will make it to the president's desk sometime next year.

Understanding the discovery phase of a civil trial

A lawsuit can be a disruption to your life and your business. If you have never experienced this legal process, you may have concerns about what to expect. Whether you are on the plaintiff's side or you are defending yourself against accusations, you can expect times of stress and frustration as you work toward a resolution.

Important considerations if charged with assault

Any type of criminal charge is a serious threat to your future. You could be facing time behind bars, loss of your personal reputation and much more. No matter what type of charges you are facing, it is in your interests to take your situation seriously and start building a smart defense strategy as soon as possible.

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