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Subaru and Toyota conduct global recall of 400,000 defective cars

When an American consumer purchases a motor vehicle from a reputable automaker like Subaru, he or she expects it to be in proper working order. Unfortunately, that's not what happened for approximately 400,000 consumers throughout the world. In a recent recall announcement, Subaru and Toyota said that it was recalling hundreds of thousands of cars to prevent the risk of serious accidents.

The recall relates to problems with the engine valve springs in affected vehicles. The springs, which keep the valves shut during the combustion process, could fracture and cause the damaged engines to stall. This, in turn, could result in an accident.

Subaru cars included in the recall include Impreza's, BRZ's and Forester's built from 2012 through 2013. Toyota cars included in the recall include Scion FR-S's and 86's. The Toyotas were all manufactured by Subaru.

Unfortunately, the repair for the affected vehicles will not be easy to carry out. Subaru claims that it will require more than 12 hours of labor to complete the repair on each of the 400,000 vehicles. That equates to 4,800,000 man-hours before all of the vehicles in this recall can be repaired. Fortunately, at this time, the defective vehicles have not been blamed for causing any injuries to drivers or passengers.

Defective vehicles cause numerous accidents throughout the world, but sometimes, police never determine the true cause of these accidents. If you or someone you loved was seriously hurt in an unexplained car crash, you might want to investigate whether a defective vehicle was to blame for the crash. In such cases, injured parties can seek to hold the negligent vehicle manufacturer liable for damages.

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