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Remember this when creating your child custody plan

Creating a child custody plan is not entirely complicated, except for the many considerations when writing and agreeing to the plan. Here are some of the most important things that parents shouldn't forget:

- You must ensure that your parenting plan does not fall out of alignment with the most important Texas child custody guidelines.

- You may want to have a different schedule for the different ages of your child. Younger children, for example, benefit from frequent and regular contact with both parents, whereas older children can go longer between exchanges.

- Your parenting plan should be centered around the emotional, physical and social needs of your children.

- When there are multiple children, some parents choose to create a different custody arrangement for each child.

- The parenting plan should accommodate the parents' unique work schedules so they can still spend time and care for their children.

- When the parents reside in different states, they need to remember that only one state will hold jurisdiction regarding child custody and the parenting plan should reflect that state's laws.

- If parents are far away from one another, they may want to arrange for exchanges that happen less frequently to reduce travel time.

- Build flexibility into your parenting plan so that changes can be made as the child grows and family situations evolve over time.

If you wish to create a sound child custody plan, you may want to speak with a Texas family law attorney who can assist you in reviewing the details of your family's situation. Your attorney can then help you draft a suitable custody arrangement that conforms with the law.

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