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Is it illegal to buy drugs online?

The cost of prescription medication has never been higher in the United States -- and that has many people scrambling to find ways to obtain needed prescriptions without going broke. One way that people have tried to cope is through the use of online pharmacies based in other countries.

Unfortunately, most of the pharmacies you can find online are operating illegally. Many of the drugs that they sell are poor quality or outright counterfeits. Even worse, people can end up in legal trouble very easily just by trying to buy their medications online.

How serious is the problem of illegal pharmacies? While not all online pharmacies are rogues, it's estimated that 600 new fake pharmacies open up online every month. When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sampled 10,000 online pharmacies, it determined that a whopping 97 percent were operating illegally. That means that your chances of finding a legitimate pharmacy that operates within the law are exceptionally slim.

Some people innocently fall into the trap of ordering medication online. Illegal pharmacies sometimes offer a "service" where people can fill out a form regarding their conditions. The forms are supposedly reviewed by a physician who will then write a prescription for your medications.

Other people know that the services they're using operate outside the law. They purposely use them to obtain narcotics. They see online pharmacies as a safer alternative to a drug deal on a street corner.

Can you get into legal trouble for buying medication online? Yes, you can. Buying drugs online and receiving them in the mail without a valid prescription will usually open you up to possession charges -- even if you do it with innocent intentions. Depending on the quantity of the drugs you purchase, you could even be charged with drug trafficking.

Keep in mind that illegally importing a drug is a crime even if you didn't realize your actions were illegal. If you're in trouble over an online pharmacy order, an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney can work to protect your rights.

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