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Does Facebook really cause higher divorce rates?

Social media is a huge part of how people communicate, and it absolutely can strain relationships. Maybe it causes people to have secret online relationships, for instance, or gets them wrapped up in online drama. But does it really lead to more divorces when people use it more often?

That was what some people claimed when a study came out saying that divorce rates rose with increased Facebook use. Per the study, if the number of people on Facebook went up by 20 percent during one year in any state, the following year would see a divorce rate that was 4 percent higher.

This raw data does seem to suggest that Facebook usage increases the number of couples who break off their relationships.

However, there is one key thing to keep in mind: While the two stats may seem to work together, researchers do not know if they are actually directly related. That is because they do not know if the people who joined Facebook are the same people in those failed marriages.

If a couple has been together for five years and both are on Facebook, and then the usage rates in the state go up as more older people catch up with the social media trend and more teens grow old enough to start their own profiles, does that really impact the couple? If they get divorced, do all of those random new users really have anything to do with it?

So, the link may not be quite as clear as previously thought. However, if you do wind up getting divorced this year, make sure you know what legal steps to take.

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