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The common types of hospital errors

Hospitals are here to help the sick and injured recover and return to a normal life. When doctors and nurses make mistakes involving the diagnosis, treatment or overall care of a patient, it can be considered a hospital error. This then leads to medical malpractice claims against the doctor, nurse or the hospital as a whole. Let's take a look at the common types of hospital errors.

Criminal history query an imminent deletion on college form

Judges, prosecutors, cops and certainly criminal defense attorneys - indeed, virtually all parties playing a role in the justice system - know that minors and adults should not routinely be subjected to the same process and similar outcomes when they face criminal charges.

Dealing with the tactics of an insurance adjuster

An accident that left you with injuries may also have left you with many other frustrations. If you are unable to work because of your injuries, you and your family may be concerned about your financial future. Medical bills will soon be arriving, and you are counting on the insurance company to come through with funds to help you.

An overview of Texas' strict drunk-driving laws for minors

We duly stress the harsh and uncompromising nature of Texas drunk driving and enforcement laws on our San Marcos criminal defense website. We note at Sergi & Associates that, "a drunk driving charge in Central Texas can result in serious penalties [and] have an impact on your record for years into the future."

What are 3 ways to defend against a drunk driving charge?

Drunk driving charges can cause problems for a person's life even before a conviction occurs. Many Texas residents have lost their jobs and suffered irreparable damage to their relationships simply as a result of these criminal allegations. If the allegations, however, result in a conviction, the consequences will be worse, so it's important for those accused of DWI or DUI in Texas to defend themselves carefully.

2 frequently asked DWI questions

Finding a way to answer simply and effectively all of a client's questions is one of the most important jobs a criminal defense lawyer does on behalf of the individuals he or she represents. After all, an educated client is better capable of making the right decisions for his or her criminal defense, so it's important to keep a defendant informed.

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