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Criminal lineup irregularities now an expanding national focus

Proven Texas criminal defense attorneys know just how important a police lineup can be for an individual accused of unlawful behavior. A lineup is deemed such a key process of a criminal matter that it is commonly referred to as a "critical stage," along with a suspect's arrest, criminal charging, bail and trial.

One mistake with drugs could haunt your job search for life

If you get picked up on drug charges, you may be mostly interested in potential fines and jail time if you get convicted. While it is wise to educate yourself on the potential ramifications, remember that a conviction could impact your life long after you have paid your debt to society.

A Texas DUI conviction can have far-reaching repercussions

Let's say you're driving along a Texas road one night when a patrol car comes up behind you and signals you to pull over. You immediately glance at your speedometer to make sure you weren't traveling over the posted speed limit. You comply with the request to pull off the road and wait to see what the officer has to say. When he or she offers an initial greeting, then asks you to step out of your car, you know there's more going on than a possible speeding ticket. 

How to not raise DUI/DWI suspicions on Texas roadways

Ever see a driver pulled over by the police and wonder what, exactly may have been the reason? It's easy to suspect speeding, but in many cases it is because of erratic behavior, the tell-tale sign of DUI. Texas police will often make traffic stops for particular reasons, then wind up arresting drivers for suspected drunk driving when they may not have even suspected such when making an initial stop. To steer clear of legal problems while driving, it helps to know how to avoid becoming a target for a traffic stop. It's also useful to know what type of support is available to help mitigate your circumstances if a problem arises. 

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