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Some movement for pot decriminalization within Texas GOP

Legions of personal tales and strong empirical proofs underscore the reality that Texas criminal law authorities shun liberal attitudes and policies when it comes to marijuana-linked offenses and enforcement outcomes.

Put another way: Texas is not Colorado or California when it comes to pot possession, consumption, sales or any other marijuana-related activity.

Notwithstanding the state's reputation as being a comparatively unfriendly place for individuals facing criminal pot charges, though, change (or at least the potential for change) is in the air.

Notably, it is being traced to the site of the Texas Republican Party's state convention. Booths dot the halls of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio that promote or argue against myriad platforms and positions. And the Dallas News reports that for the first time ever "the party has allowed advocates in favor of decriminalizing marijuana possession to have a booth."

And here is some news: reportedly, there are more voices pushing for pot decriminalization and progressively liberalized enforcement laws than there are groups arguing for retention of the pro-restriction status quo.

That doesn't spell a movement or signal that material change is forthcoming that will loosen up Texas' harsh view toward pot possession and other marijuana offenses. What it does indicate, though, is some growing support for making medicinal marijuana legal and meting out less harsh penalties than those currently slapped on offenders facing pot charges.

One thing remains clear, regardless of what is being promoted in select GOP convention booths currently.

And that is this: Texas state laws continue to be among the most stringent in the nation when it comes to marijuana offenses. A defendant might reasonably want to contact a proven defense attorney without delay for a knowledgeable and aggressive response to any drug-related charges.

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