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Parents need to take distracted driving more seriously

Parents claim to take distracted driving very seriously. For instance, 74 percent of them claimed they were more worried that teens would get distracted behind the wheel than they were that teens would drive while intoxicated. This is a significant shift. Drunk driving used to be considered the most dangerous thing you could do on the road. While it is still obviously quite dangerous, this study -- the 2017 Family Safe Driving Report -- shows that cellphones have really changed the dynamic.

However, this same report also shows that parents need to take distracted driving more seriously than they do.

For instance, 44 percent of teens claimed that a parent had texted them or called them while they were behind the wheel. Granted, some parents may not have known where their children were, but it stands to reason that many knew the teen should be in the car. They contributed to this dangerous distraction epidemic anyway.

Plus, the survey also found that 63 percent of parents, a startling majority, said they had used their own phones while behind the wheel. This included talking and texting.

This is clearly very dangerous with kids in the car, as it could lead to fatal accidents. It also sets a poor example for teen drivers. If parents really worry that their teens will text and drive, do they want to set that type of example? It could just make the problem worse.

Until everyone takes distracted driving seriously, accidents will continue to happen. If you get hurt in one of these crashes, make sure you know all of the legal options you have.

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