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Incompatibility in significant areas can lead to divorce

You and your spouse are not the same, and you should never expect perfect compatibility in all areas of your life. However, experts do agree that incompatibility, which may go unnoticed or ignored before the wedding, is one of the biggest reasons that married couples wind up getting divorced.

The areas in which couples find themselves incompatible differ from one relationship to the next, but some examples include:

Emotional incompatibility

You feel like your spouse does not take your emotions seriously. You cannot talk about them. Your spouse never expresses himself or herself to you. You feel like you get absolutely no support through hard times, and it pushes the two of you apart.

Spiritual incompatibility

Perhaps you and your spouse knew you followed different religions before you got married and you thought it would not be a big deal. When you had kids, though, it suddenly became a serious issue. Or, perhaps you followed the same religion when you got married, but then one of you stopped following it or converted to a different religion.

Financial incompatibility

You like to save your money and make careful, responsible choices. Your spouse likes to spend money and often does so without thinking about the ramifications. Perhaps he or she even has an addiction problem with something like gambling or shopping. The two of you can never find any middle ground, and you both feel like the other person is wrong.

These are just three examples of many potential ways you could be incompatible, but they help to show you how serious it can be. If you do wind up getting divorced, make sure you know your legal rights.

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