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Focus on teen offenders: pursuing appropriate sentencing outcomes

The passionate and unflagging defense efforts we make on behalf of criminal defendants across Central Texas at Sergi & Associates in San Marcos cover a lot of territory. We advocate diligently for individuals facing criminal charges ranging from capital murder, DWI and theft to drug crimes, sexual assault and more.

Our motivation in doing so is simple enough and stated explicitly on our website, where we stress an insider's awareness of "how high the stakes are for you and your family." We also note therein that "people make mistakes" and deserve strong advocacy focused upon the fullest possible mitigation of criminal charges.

That people err is a factor sometimes unduly deemphasized in the criminal justice system, which customarily focuses on asserted acts of intentional wrongdoing and corresponding punishment. In fact, individuals charged with crimes often were unaware they were acting unlawfully or violating the rights of any other party. Their crimes owe more to misinformed action than to anything else.

That is often the case - indeed, especially so - with teen offenders whose ill-considered conduct or otherwise flawed judgment has brought them face to face with law enforcers. Immaturity and lack of reflection often yields a criminal charge for an adolescent more than does a conscious attempt to commit a crime.

A recent national article notes that in the context of so-called sexting marked by the uploading of digital sexually themed pictures onto online platforms. That is clearly unlawful.

Legions of teens reportedly do it, though. And many adolescents don't seem to know that sexting it is illegal or, alternatively, they view it as a trivial matter.

That is a misjudgment that can reap starkly negative consequences.

We believe that, while some teen offenders fully intend to commit select crimes, many others don't and do not deserve to be treated with blanket harshness by criminal law authorities.

What they need is a second chance afforded by an outcome focused more upon rehabilitation than mere punishment.

A proven defense attorney will argue forcefully for that result whenever it is appropriate.

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