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Adultery and divorce: The modern impact

In the age of no-fault divorce, the reasons for the split sometimes feel much less important. Couples who simply do not feel like living together anymore can get a divorce and say they have irreconcilable differences. It's fast and easy.

That said, the amount of casual divorces without a clear root cause is far smaller than a lot of people assume. Most couples have a reason, and that reason is most often adultery.

Per a study carried out by the Journal of Marriage and Family, the main cause for about 50 percent of all divorce cases is infidelity. Another study asked people if they knew someone else who had cheated on their spouse, and 54 percent claimed that they did.

This is when it is important to point out that Texas still does have fault-based divorce. You do not have to use no-fault just because it is so common. Adultery is one of the main grounds for a split among those who do go with a fault-based divorce.

Plus, the state does not limit adultery to things that only occurred before the two of you separated. If you were not already divorced, it's adultery. So, if your spouse moved out for a trial separation and you lived apart for six months, then you found out your spouse had been sexually active with a new boyfriend or girlfriend during that time, that can count as grounds for a fault-based divorce.

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