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Incompatibility in significant areas can lead to divorce

You and your spouse are not the same, and you should never expect perfect compatibility in all areas of your life. However, experts do agree that incompatibility, which may go unnoticed or ignored before the wedding, is one of the biggest reasons that married couples wind up getting divorced.

Parents need to take distracted driving more seriously

Parents claim to take distracted driving very seriously. For instance, 74 percent of them claimed they were more worried that teens would get distracted behind the wheel than they were that teens would drive while intoxicated. This is a significant shift. Drunk driving used to be considered the most dangerous thing you could do on the road. While it is still obviously quite dangerous, this study -- the 2017 Family Safe Driving Report -- shows that cellphones have really changed the dynamic.

Focus on teen offenders: pursuing appropriate sentencing outcomes

The passionate and unflagging defense efforts we make on behalf of criminal defendants across Central Texas at Sergi & Associates in San Marcos cover a lot of territory. We advocate diligently for individuals facing criminal charges ranging from capital murder, DWI and theft to drug crimes, sexual assault and more.

What owners must do when a pool is an attractive nuisance

An attractive nuisance is essentially something on a person's property that may cause harm to others, typically focusing on small children. These children may not understand the danger or the risk. Owners have a responsibility to protect them, even when these small children are technically trespassing.

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