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Why would a judge take a plea bargain?

You know why you would take a plea bargain. Perhaps you have been offered one, and it would drastically reduce your potential sentence. You hope to avoid jail time and fines.

However, what you're wondering is why the judge would ever take a plea bargain. Wouldn't the authorities want to push for the harshest sentence possible?

While it often feels like it is you against them, the reality is that judges do not necessarily want to hand out the harshest sentences in every case, and they do not want every case to go to trial. The legal system has so many cases that there is constant strain on the courts. All of these cases cost both money and time, two precious resources that can be hard to find.

On top of that, the prison system is overcrowded. That alone is very costly. A plea bargain that gives you community service and probation instead of jail time may be seen as an effective punishment that also keeps from adding more pressure to the prison system.

So, especially in cases where judges do not think that you will serve a lot of time even if you are convicted, they may be tempted to accept a plea bargain just to speed the process up, stay out of trial and keep you out of jail. Since those are all things you want anyway, the deal can look very attractive.

That said, plea bargains are not right in all situations, such as when you have an effective defense. If you want to learn more about your options, our website can offer a lot of valuable information and insights.

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