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Texas prom upside can be instantly dashed by a drinking charge

We suspect that most of our readers in Central Texas and elsewhere across the state now look back as adults with fondness and bittersweet tinges of lost youth when they conjure up memories of high school prom. Not everyone was involved with that spectacle, of course, but those who were certainly remember it well, and likely will for a lifetime.

And if they are now witnessing the excitement of sons and daughters preparing for their proms and related seasonal social activities, they perhaps have mixed feelings.

On the one hand, they are of course happy and caught up in all the clamor.

On the other hand, though, the always-present parental antennae might be quivering a bit, with the source that is driving concern being narrow and quite specific.

Namely, that is this: mothers' and fathers' fears that their still-adolescent children might engage in underage drinking that could yield stark consequences.

Aside from the risk of personal injuries, of course, a host of negative criminal penalties can attach for a Texas juvenile who is in possession of or seeks to buy alcohol, or who consumes alcohol before driving.

Notably, Texas law provides that a minor cannot legally get behind the wheel with even a trace of alcohol in his or her system. Individuals across the state should further keep in mind (as noted in a recent article chronicling the efforts of law enforcers to spotlight prom-related concerns for high school students) that Texas is a zero-tolerance state for marijuana consumption.

We wish nothing but happy memories for all Texas students during the annual springtime party season. We know, though, that excitement can sometimes lead to bad judgment and a youthful offender's unwanted interaction with law enforcement officials.

The proven DWI-defense attorneys at Sergi & Associates in San Marcos have a deep well of experience advising juveniles and their parents in Central Texas on matters relating to underage drinking offenses. We welcome contacts to our firm to discuss how we can help you in a time of need.

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