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Expungement a core takeaway from this criminal law matter

Our initial focus in today's blog post is on accuracy and in regard to the entry's above headline.

To wit: There was no crime actually committed in the alluded-to matter.

Perhaps you heard about that incident. In fact, there is a good chance you did, given that it played out prominently in media headlines across the country last month.

Its bottom line, succinctly stated: Two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks for trespassing. An employee called the cops on them because they held off on ordering anything while they waited for an acquaintance (who just happened to be white) prior to their scheduled meeting concerning a business opportunity.

Predictably (and rightly so), an outcry alleging racial profiling issued from a broad-based band of critics across the country.

Municipal and Starbucks company officials scurried to dampen criticisms and atone for the matter in its wake. A settlement was reached with the two men, which included the criminal expungement of their trespassing arrest charge.

We reference the expungement at the San Marcos criminal defense firm of Sergi & Associates because it is a flatly important concept. For high numbers of people in Texas and nationally, the erasure or sealing of information relating to an adverse encounter with authorities can be a virtual lifeline for the future.

We spotlighted expungement in a relatively recent blog post, noting that it renders a criminal record "no longer viewable to the general public." That includes potential and actual employers, property managers reviewing rental applications, law enforcement officials and other parties.

That can obviously be deeply meaningful for some people. If you have any questions concerning criminal expungement, a proven defense attorney can answer them and help promote your rights and interests in an actual case.

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