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Is this Texas criminal law outcome even remotely just?

She voted.

And then she got slapped with a five-year prison sentence.

We suspect that many readers of our blog will view the two brief sentences above as all they need to know to conclude that the outcome attached to a woman's vote in the 2016 presidential election was grossly unfair.

Candidly, she was a convicted felon when she cast her vote. And, technically, she had not fully completed the terms of her sentence when she did so. She was out of federal prison on supervised release when she committed an act she never suspected was unlawful.

That mattered not to a Texas sentencing judge, who ordered her back to prison for five years after finding that her illegal vote constituted a second-degree felony.

"Outrageous" was the term supplied by her legal team in the wake of the court's ruling.

"She voted in good faith," stressed her attorney. "The punishment does not fit this crime."

Texas' law is eminently clear -- and equally harsh -- concerning voter fraud. A convicted felon must certify that he or she has completed all the conditions attached to sentencing in order to vote.

The woman -- who, again, had already been released from prison -- did not know that. Reportedly, the subject had never been raised with her by any justice official, including her probation officer. She stressed that to the judge, stating that she failed to peruse all the written details concerning eligibility, relying instead on an election worker to guide her.

We think at the San Marcos criminal defense firm of Sergi & Associates that such a result will negatively resonate with legions of Texans who demand fundamental fairness in the justice system.

The woman is appealing the adverse ruling.

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