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Delayed symptoms may indicate serious injuries

There is no question that a traffic accident, even a minor one, can disrupt your life. You may miss a day or two of work, go through the hassle of replacing or repairing your vehicle, and deal with the confusion of insurance adjusters and settlement offers. However, before you sign anything relating to possible compensation, you will want to have a thorough medical examination.

You may think this is more wasted time since your accident was low-speed. Perhaps the other driver rear-ended your car at a traffic light, which jostled you around a little. However, it is important to know that many injuries may not manifest themselves until days or even weeks after the accident.

Don't ignore your pain

Signing a settlement agreement before delayed symptoms appear may leave you without the funds you need to obtain proper medical treatment. While your latent injuries may be little more than a strained muscle, the symptoms you experience over time may indicate a more serious injury. For example, neck and back pain are both signs of whiplash, but they may also signal that you have a herniated disc or even a spinal cord injury.

Some other delayed pains that you may pass off as minor include these:

  • Pain in your abdomen: Internal bleeding may not show symptoms until several days after the injury. Left untreated, it could be fatal.
  • Headaches: You may shrug these off as stress related, but they may also indicate a concussion, even if you did not strike your head during the accident. You may also experience headaches if you have injured your neck or developed a blood clot.
  • Weak limbs, tingling, numbness: A medical exam can determine if these symptoms are from a pinched nerve, herniated disc or other injury.
  • Anxiety or other unexplained emotional suffering: You may be experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, a common reaction after a person goes through a chaotic and upsetting event. However, these symptoms may also be signs of a brain injury.

Ignoring unusual pain or other symptoms that appear days or weeks after the accident may result in a far more serious situation. Seeking medical advice soon after an accident and reporting any new or unfamiliar symptoms to your doctor serves two purposes. Most urgently, it allows you to get the treatment you need for your injuries. Secondly, a documented medical exam provides you with evidence of your diagnosis and treatment to present to an insurance company or in Texas civil court if you decide to file a personal injury claim.

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