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A sobering criminal charge: felony DWI in Texas

No person who has ever been convicted on a drinking-while-driving charge in Texas subsequently played down the criminal consequences resulting from that.

The bottom line: They sting.

It is no secret that being arrested and convicted of drunk driving in Texas brings some serious penalties. For starters, obviously, the bank account of any offender is materially depleted, often by many thousands of dollars. Court costs, administrative fees, towing charges, spiked insurance rates - those impositions and others collectively add up in a hurry.

Then there is the potential for jail time, license revocation and time spent away from work dealing with DWI matters. Many people are embarrassed by public notification concerning their offense and an attendant stigma that attaches to it. Job and educational prospects can be adversely affected. We note on our website at the San Marcos DWI defense law firm of Sergi & Associates that the damages stemming from a drunk driving conviction "can have an impact on your record for years into the future."

And Texas authorities' harsh response to drunk driving is even more notable on second and subsequent offenses or following even first-time convictions that feature extenuating circumstances. Fines can be jacked up to levels that many people find staggering and even impossible to pay. Incarceration can morph from a brief period in a local jail to years spent behind bars in a state penitentiary.

Texas law provides for graduated penalties applied in select cases that prosecutors and judges believe warrant escalated punishment for offenders. Felony DWI is an example of that. We will take a look at that charging category in our next blog post.

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