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What is civil asset forfeiture, and why is it concerning?

Imagine a scenario where you are the owner of a small Texas business that is one day summarily raided by law enforcement officials. They claim that some of your assets are illegally derived proceeds from unlawful activity (the potential list is long; think drug activity, for example).

4 types of couples with higher divorce odds

Looking at the odds of divorce in a vacuum can be rather misleading. After all, even if half of marriages end in divorce, that does not mean that the same level of risk applies to all marriages. Experts have identified certain types of couples who could see a higher risk based on the specific details of their own relationships.

Exceeding the scope: drug evidence tossed in warrantless search

Police say that a Houston motorist executed a flawed driving maneuver, so they stopped him. Based upon that, they handcuffed him and conducted an exhaustive search of his car. That turned up a small amount of cocaine. The driver was promptly arrested and ultimately pleaded guilty to drug possession.

Is your business ready for a lawsuit?

Like many business owners, you are proud of what you have accomplished and have hopes of even more success in the future. This is why you devote as much time as necessary to risk management. You carefully train your employees, carry adequate liability insurance and stay current with the laws affecting your industry.

Celebrity DWI cases sometimes instructive

Texas is a flat-out big and highly populated state. That reality makes it a given that high numbers of individuals are routinely stopped by state troopers and police officers on suspicion of drunk driving. Many of those people are subsequently arrested and convicted on a DWI charge.

Delayed symptoms may indicate serious injuries

There is no question that a traffic accident, even a minor one, can disrupt your life. You may miss a day or two of work, go through the hassle of replacing or repairing your vehicle, and deal with the confusion of insurance adjusters and settlement offers. However, before you sign anything relating to possible compensation, you will want to have a thorough medical examination.

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