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Austin DWI case stresses key point: anyone can be arrested

It will never happen to me.

That is the self-made vow of many Texas motorists that they will never be pulled over by a state trooper or police officer and arrested on a drunk driving charge.

People understandably take that internal pledge all the time. They might not know every detail regarding the punitive exactions that can be applied following a DWI conviction, but they know well that they are many and severe.

And, so, understandably, no one wants entanglement with law enforcement at a roadside DWI stop.

And yet it happens, all the time.

Here's a key point: Truly, it can happen to just about anybody. Media stories from across the state routinely reveal that it is far more than hard-core problem drinkers who face stark legal challenges after getting behind the wheel while driving impaired.

Teachers who seldom drink at all do. Doctors do. So too do accountants, professional athletes, store clerks, fire fighters, housewives, legislators and legions of other individuals who are pulled over by police after simply miscalculating a safe legal limit on alcohol consumption.

This merits mentioning, too: Police officers are just as susceptible as anyone else to being pulled over on suspicion of drinking while driving.

That reality surfaced just last week in Austin, where an officer with the APD was pulled over on a city street early on Monday morning for driving behaviors that aroused the suspicion of an on-duty peer. That individual was subsequently arrested on a DWI charge. Reportedly, he is now on restricted duty while awaiting further developments in his case.

A drunk driving charge in Texas can -- and routinely does -- target individuals without regard to their race, sex, occupation or any other identifying factor. Indeed, DWI penalties are something that can challenge just about anyone in the state.

Persons with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of police interaction or an outcome in a DWI stop can contact a proven DWI defense attorney for candid counsel and, when necessary, strong legal representation.

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