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Did you have a legitimate expectation of privacy?

If the police carry out a search, there are steps that must be followed. Typically, they need to have probable cause -- they have a reasonable suspicion that a crime happened -- and they need to get a warrant from a judge. Only then can they search your home, your car or anywhere else that you have an expectation of privacy.

Opinion: Let's do a rethink on driving-related punishment

A writer in a recent national op-ed article makes some interesting points concerning punishment meted out to American drivers for on-the-road infractions. As a brief preface to spotlighting the essentials of that piece, we note the penalties that are commonly meted out to Texas drivers convicted of drunk driving.

What are your rights in a police lineup?

You have probably seen TV crimes shows where a witness watches through two-way glass while people in a lineup stand looking around nervously. One of the people on the other side of the glass is the suspect police want the witness to identify. For the sake of drama, the witness may definitively point to the suspect, whose face is unforgettable, or frustrate police by saying it was too dark and happened too fast to get a good look.

Remember that Texas has strict marijuana laws

In some states, possession of a small amount of marijuana is similar to getting a speeding ticket; you just pay a small fine and it's over. In other states, possession is legal if you have a medical reason to require marijuana. In yet other states, a small amount is not only legal for recreational purposes, but you can buy it over the counter at numerous retail outlets.

You do not have to navigate real estate transactions on your own

Buying a home or selling a home is a major financial and legal decision for your family. This process involves much more than just hiring a real estate agent and either finding a house you like or putting a for sale sign in your front yard. The real estate transaction process is complex, and without guidance, it can result in complex problems.

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