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Landing a job may be difficult following DUI conviction in Texas

It's not uncommon to face some type of circumstances in your life where you later wish you would have made a different decision or choice to do or not do something. For instance, if you were at a local restaurant with friends in Texas and enjoyed an alcoholic beverage or two with your meal, then drove home but police stopped you along the way and you wound up facing DUI charges, you may later wish you had asked the waitress for water with lemon instead.

Not everyone that goes to court on charges of intoxicated driving is a menace to society. In fact, some cases never even make it to court because a judge determines there is not enough evidence or that police somehow violated a defendant's personal rights at some point during an investigation or arrest process. There is also a chance that the Breathalyzer test you took produced faulty results. If you are convicted, you may face many repercussions, especially when it comes to getting a job.

Employment complications that often arise following DUI

It's not set in stone that facing DUI charges (or even conviction) will automatically ruin the rest of your life. If you know your rights and where to seek support ahead of time, you may be able to greatly mitigate your circumstances. It's also good to keep the following information in mind so you are prepared to deal with possible employment consequences:

  • Texas law may vary from other states; however, most employers can only inquire about past convictions, not DUI arrests. This is good to know should the question come up in a future job interview.
  • If you work in an industry that requires you to carry a particular license, your job may be greatly at risk if the court hands down a conviction against you for DUI.
  • In some situations, the court may grant you an expungement. This means your criminal record would no longer be viewable to the general public, which would include employers.
  • If you have a commercial driver's license, you may face severe penalties for DUI and may even lose your job.
  • If the state suspends your regular driving privileges, it can cause problems at work because you may not have reliable transportation on a daily basis.

Going to jail, paying substantial fines and facing detriment to your personal and professional reputation are other negative consequences that often accompany a DUI conviction. The old saying that something isn't over until it's over is quite apt when it comes to facing criminal charges in court. You never know what the ultimate outcome will be. Your chances of overcoming the charges against you or at least minimizing the penalties of a conviction may increase if you take advantage of defense resources that are typically available.

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