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Did someone promise to speed up your immigration case for a fee?

If you say you experienced several delays in your emigration to Texas, you would definitely not be the first person to do so; some immigrants literally wait years for officials to process their cases. So many factors and regulations impact each situation, and no two stories are exactly alike. Many people try to take advantage of immigrants; so, if you hope to avoid similar problems, you'll want to research U.S. immigration laws ahead of time and know where to seek support if something goes wrong.

Immigration fraud is an ever-growing crime in the United States. It comes in many forms and you'll want to be alert and on the lookout for all of them as you file documents needed to secure your own legal status or that of your children and other family members.

How to recognize fraud when you see it

Laws pertaining to immigration often change. It's challenging enough to know what papers to file where and when, much less be able to tell if someone who claims to be helping you is really your adversary. The following list includes information about fraudulent immigration practices that may help alert you to a problem:

  • If any person or company promised you a visa or legal employment status or green card, and required any amount of payment for services, you may want to report the matter to the appropriate officials as soon as possible. While there are certain processing fees you may encounter in a legitimate situation, if someone is charging you higher fees to guarantee a particular status or expedite your case, you may want to investigate whether they are being fraudulent.
  • The bottom line is that if you go online to get immigration forms, you should do so via an official government website.
  • Some visas are offered through a lottery-based system; however, if someone tells you that you can increase your chances of winning if you pay them money, you'll want to steer clear of that type of "assistance."
  • Never sign a blank form as this makes you a target for fraud. You never know what someone might add to your now-signed, blank piece of paper later.

If you're unsure whether the person claiming to be your advocate is on the up-and-up, you can seek another opinion.

In fact, many Texas immigrants act alongside experienced representation because most attorneys are up-to-date regarding current laws and how best to proceed to achieve your immigration goals in the timeliest fashion possible.

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