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Common reasons for lawsuits between neighbors

Are you a terrible neighbor? You may not think so, but what do your neighbors think? Behaviors you may feel are your right on your private property may be an intrusion into the peace and quiet your neighbor deserves.

While many disputes between neighbors can be easily resolved with a few understanding words, other problems escalate to the point where no conversation matters. If you are in such a situation, you may end up in court facing a lawsuit.

Good fences make good neighbors

When your friends come over for a few drinks in the evening, you may not give it a thought when you turn the music up and have a good time in the back yard. If Sunday afternoon finds you working on your car's exhaust system or comparing muffler decibels with six of your closest motorcycle enthusiasts, you may not consider how the neighbor feel.

It is likely that neighbors who feel especially unnerved by your noise will call the police, and this may result in a citation. However, chronic noise may bring a lawsuit in a Texas small claims court. Some noise that may be particularly disturbing to neighbors includes:

  • Loud television
  • Musical instruments
  • Noise late at night
  • Barking dogs

You love your dog, and perhaps you think everyone else should, too. Even if your dog is quiet, your neighbors may complain. Allowing your dog to run through the neighborhood – or even unrestrained on your property -- may be inviting trouble. Your dog may be docile and calm around you and your family, but that doesn't mean it will behave around others. If your pet bites someone, you may face a lawsuit that could financially devastate you and your family, especially if the bite causes serious injury.

Lawsuits may also erupt over property lines. Knowing the boundaries of your property is important before erecting any structure, such as a fence or shed. Real estate advisors also recommend that homeowners remain diligent about their landscape. Hedges may grow into a neighbor's yard, and trees may be an even greater threat. A large or aging tree that encroaches on a neighbor's property may cause damage or injury if it breaks and falls.

Keeping in good graces with your neighbors may not always be easy, but common respect for one another goes a long way. Nevertheless, you may have a neighbor who is never satisfied with your efforts to right a wrong. If such a dispute finds you heading to civil litigation, you have the right to seek counsel from an experienced attorney.

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