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What factors into considering your kids' best interests?

Though parenthood can throw many curves your way, you may have found strength in relying on your spouse to help with the parenting responsibilities. However, after realizing that your marriage has lost its way and you have decided to file for divorce, you may feel less certain about how you will handle certain aspects of your life. Because ending a marriage can take a considerable toll, you may begin wondering what your life will look like after divorce.

As you work through your divorce proceedings, you may feel particularly concerned about how your children will handle the situation. You undoubtedly want proceedings regarding child custody to go as smoothly as possible, and because out-of-court decisions occur more commonly in Texas, you may want to understand what aspects could go into consideration when it comes to looking out for your children's best interests.

Factors to consider

You undoubtedly want to ensure that your children have the best living arrangements possible after divorce. If you and your spouse part ways amicably, you may have the ability to negotiate the terms of your custody agreement together fairly easily. Still, you and the court may look at factors including:

  • Your children's wishes
  • The physical and mental capabilities of yourself and the other parent
  • Specific needs of the children
  • Stability of the home
  • Opportunities for extended family interactions and support
  • Age of the children
  • Gender of the children
  • Any previous instances of abusive behavior
  • Drug and alcohol use

If you or the other parent exhibits certain negative behaviors or lack the proper ability to provide the needed care for the children, those factors will play a role in the custody decisions. Though the aspects may not result in a parent losing full custody, they could create a need for more limited interaction with the children. Therefore, you may wish to determine what type of custody you hope to obtain during the decision-making process.

Coming to terms

If you and the children's other parent cannot come to terms agreeably, you may still avoid a courtroom battle. Custody evaluators and other specialists will assess your case and determine the best arrangements for the kids. However, you can still discuss your options with your legal counsel, and he or she can help you determine where your children's best interests lay and how you can go about obtaining the desired terms.

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