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Mental roadblocks may hinder recovery from spinal cord injury

You have probably seen movies or heard moving stories about people who have overcome adversity with courage and dignity. Maybe you expected you would have the same courage in a similar situation, but you never really imagined it would happen to you. Now you are facing life with a spinal cord injury, and nothing seems certain anymore.

At this early point in your recovery, you may still be focusing on what you lost. You may feel the painful loss of your independence, your active lifestyle, maybe even your usefulness, or so it seems. The most difficult part of your recovery may be healing the psychological wounds in addition to the physical ones.

Allowing your body and mind to heal

Psychologists say that an important part of recovering from a spinal cord injury is dealing with the major changes in your life. Your emotions may betray you, and you may sense a change in the way your loved ones treat you. Little by little, as you adjust to your new reality, you may begin to see things more positively, for example:

  • Learning new skills for your daily life
  • Gaining a little more independence each day
  • Accepting the challenge of adapting to your new limitations
  • Exploring new interests and hobbies
  • Reclaiming your role in your family and social circles

Doctors say it is normal to feel some depression and anxiety, and caring for your mental health is a vital part of your recovery. While learning to live with a disability may seem overwhelming, with the right combination of personal and professional support, you may soon find you are able to live a positive, meaningful life.

Moving forward with life

There is no predicting the extent of care you may need for the future. However, without a doubt, such care will be costly. It may not seem fair that you should have to worry about paying for surgeries, therapies, medicine and other expenses for an injury that resulted from someone else's negligence. You have every right to consult an attorney to investigate the possibility of seeking compensation for your physical and financial pain and suffering.

The attorney who will be of most assistance to you is one who is passionate about helping people recover fair compensation for their injuries. With years of experience, such an attorney will understand the rough road ahead of you as you struggle to adjust to your new life following your spinal cord injury. You will be able to focus on your recovery while your attorney advocates for you.

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