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Run into trouble over the holiday break?

Holiday break is a time for college students to unwind and take a much needed vacation from classes and homework. Unfortunately, holiday break is also a time during which some college students find themselves in trouble with the law, often for alleged drunk driving or drug-related offenses.

DWI convictions cause lasting consequences for college students

This fall, Texas State University police reported that DWI and DUI are common on campus, and the arrests can lead to long-term consequences. When a college student is accused of drunk driving by campus police, the stakes are just as high as if city law enforcement had made the arrest.

After being stopped, the student will be offered a Breathalyzer and may be asked to complete field sobriety testing. If the student refuses the testing, he or she will spend the night in jail and answer to the judge in the morning.

The officer fills out a report that is submitted to the office of student justice. A case is then opened to determine whether the student violated the university's code of conduct. If so, the student could lose scholarships or be kicked off of athletic teams or out of school.

Additionally, the student faces 72 hours of jail time and up to six days in jail if an open container is found in the vehicle. Most DWI convictions result in loss of driving privileges as well as a permanent criminal record that can get in the way of future job opportunities.

Find out more about why it's usually a good idea to fight DWI charges in Texas here.

Drug offenses are taken seriously by prosecutors in Central Texas

Drug crimes are also very common in San Marcos. Even drug offenses that don't seem to be that big of a deal -- such as marijuana possession -- can result in serious and lasting consequences. Prosecutors in Central Texas take a strict approach in all drug cases, and they have the resources necessary to seek a conviction.

An experienced attorney can protect a student's rights and future

Whether a college student faces a DWI, DUI or drug charge, the situation must be handled in a way that protects the student's rights and future. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to building a defense.

At Sergi & Associates, P.C., we have actual police officers review our cases and give detailed criticism of the situation. We also regularly use experts who analyze whether the blood testing machinery was operating properly. We do everything possible to build an effective defense for our clients.

If you were accused of violating the law over holiday break, don't let the situation go from bad to worse. Contact an experienced attorney who will fight for you.

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