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Why it's worth fighting a DWI in Central Texas

You have been charged with a DWI. Now you are asking yourself whether it is worth fighting the charge or if you should just plead guilty and move on with your life. The answer: It is always worth fighting the charge, or at least meeting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can examine your case and go over your options.

You may have a defense and not realize it

Many people plead guilty to DWI charges because they don't think they have a good defense. This is often not the case.

Under our state and federal laws, police officers must have probable cause in order to make a traffic stop, and they have many other obligations to follow from there. If an officer did not meet these obligations, you may be found innocent despite the evidence against you.

Even if it turns out that the police and prosecutor have the evidence they need to convict you, you don't just have to accept the full weight of a DWI punishment. An experienced defense lawyer will seek a solution that helps you to avoid the most serious DWI consequences such as jail time and heavy fines.

The defense lawyers of Sergi & Associates, P.C. always look for options such as probation or a suspended sentence upon completion of an approved education program or treatment, and we are well-respected by Central Texas county prosecutors.

If you were charged on a 'no-refusal' weekend

Typically, Texas drivers have the right to refuse breathalyzer testing after being pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. However, this isn't the case on many holiday weekends, including Halloween weekend, when "no-refusal" initiatives are in effect.

Anyone who is charged with DWI based on a "no-refusal" warrant will want to speak with an experienced attorney about possible defense strategies. Many legal experts believe that these warrants violate the law and they are open to challenge in court.

Serious consequences that last a lifetime

If you decide to plead guilty to a DWI, it will come with consequences that will last a lifetime. You will have a criminal record that will make you look bad to future employers, lenders and landlords. You could end up spending time in jail, which is something that a person never forgets. You will end up suffering serious financial burdens, including hefty fines and increased insurance premiums. You could even end up losing your driver's license.

As you can see, the stakes are high. You don't want to just accept the consequences that come along with pleading guilty to DWI in Texas. Find out more about facing DWI charges in Central Texas here.

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