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Will sexual assault charges soon run rampant on college campuses?

Investigations and charges relating to alleged sexual assaults could skyrocket on college campuses as a result of the political and media attention being paid to the issue.

Most recently adding fuel to the "rape culture" hysteria is a survey that was released last week by the Association of American Universities claiming that close to one in four undergraduate women said they had been victimized by sexual assault or misconduct.

The study involved gathering data from more than 150,000 students at 27 top universities throughout the country.

At Texas' two largest universities, local reports said that the numbers were somewhat lower but still high. At the University of Texas at Austin, 18 percent of female undergraduates said they had been victims of rape or sexual assault since enrolling at the school. At Texas A&M, 15 percent of female undergraduates said the same.

The survey will likely be used to rally support by members of Congress who seek to introduce a new law that would require colleges and universities to conduct anonymous surveys about sexual assault on their campuses and then publicize the results, as well as fine schools that do not react to sexual assault cases appropriately.

However, as the New York Post Editorial Board recently pointed out, the survey may be blown out of proportion. The researchers themselves admitted that the response rate of the survey was low and "may be biased upwards."

Additionally, while a smaller percentage of women reported suffering actual physical force, very few said they reported the treatment, with a majority saying that "it was not considered serious enough" to report.

The Post concluded that studies like this one are part of an "agenda designed to 'enable' accusers by obliterating due process for the accused." That's a very scary thought for male college students and their parents.

Ultimately, if a college student finds himself accused of sexual misconduct, he must take the allegations very seriously as his entire future is on the line. Whether being investigated by campus authorities or the police, a student's first call should be to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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