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Texas lawmakers aim for bail reform once more

The Texas bail system is, by many accounts, broken. It doesn't effectively keep the public safe from potentially violent criminals. It does, however, end up keeping too many legally innocent people behind bars waiting on trial because they're too poor to afford bail.

In essence, it's created a divided class of defendants: Those who are able to afford bail and who can go about their lives pending the outcome of their cases, and those whose lives are utterly derailed by even minor charges.

Defective medical implants plague patients across the globe

In the past, Texas residents who suffered from certain medical conditions might face a lifetime of physical problems; perhaps robbing them of a normal life. Technological advances in the medical field have changed that fate for numerous people.

Unfortunately, not all medical devices become the path to renewed life for many patients. In fact, people across the globe, including many here in Texas, have suffered serious injuries because of them. Some people have even lost their lives.

Where to look on your taxes for your spouse's hidden assets

Has your spouse always handled the majority of the financial decisions and the taxes? If so, that can put you at a serious disadvantage when it comes time to divorce.

While your spouse is supposed to level with you about all the marital assets so that they can be divided properly, that doesn't always happen. Sometimes, spouses will hide some fairly significant holdings from each other during a divorce.

For some couples, mediation just isn't an option

In a perfect world, Texas family law judges would like every couple to use mediation or collaborative law to finalize their divorces. Contentious or emotionally fraught proceedings simply wouldn't take place, especially if a couple has children.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Some people need the court's intervention in order to ensure the receipt of a fair settlement. If you find yourself in this latter category, it is probably due to the personality of your future former spouse.

Small amounts of marijuana are still a big deal in Texas

Marijuana is now legal for personal use in the District of Columbia and 10 different states. In 13 other states, the possession of small amounts of the drug is now considered a civil offense -- akin to a traffic ticket -- rather than a criminal matter.

Texas is not one of these states. Along with a few other holdouts, the state has steadfastly refused to get on board the movement toward marijuana legalization. In all but a handful of medical situations, the drug is still completely illegal to possess. Consequently, around 370,000 people have ended up under arrest in a five-year period for possession of less than two ounces of cannabis on one form or another -- even though approximately 55 million other United States residents are regular users of the drug.

Hosting a teen's party? Know the law in Texas

You want to be the "cool" parent, right? Maybe, you just want to make sure that your teenager is somewhere safe. Whatever the reason, you decide to let your underage teen hold a party with friends in your house or backyard -- with alcohol involved.

That's a big mistake. Now, both you and your teenager could be charged with a crime.

Can a personal Breathalyzer keep you from a drunk driving charge?

It's nerve-wracking, these days, to have a drink or two at a bar with a friend. You never know if the police might pull you over and subject you to a Breathalyzer test on the way home. While those charts that tell you how much you can drink based on your gender and body weight are helpful, they're not perfect; there's still a bit of guesswork involved -- and nobody wants to end up with drunk driving charge.

Could a personal Breathalyzer, the kind you can tuck in your glove compartment or keep in a backpack or purse, be the answer to your problem? Is that the best way to avoid a conviction for driving while intoxicated (DWI)?

Use caution with CBD oil in Texas

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is very popular these days. People use it for everything from chronic pain to anxiety. However, a lot of people are still confused about whether or not CBD oil is legal to buy and use. The confusion seems to be growing right along with the product's popularity.

Cannabidiol does carry some legal risks for people who use it here in Texas. Before you buy it (or bring it into the state from somewhere else), there are a few things you should know.

Are you experiencing discrimination at work? You have options.

Experiencing discrimination and other types of inappropriate treatment in the workplace can be overwhelming and frustrating. Texas employees who believe they are facing discrimination of any kind do not have to face it alone – they have the right to fight back. It may be appropriate to file a civil claim.

If you are the victim of discriminatory treatment from your employer or others in your workplace, there are options available to you. You have the right to a workplace that is free from this type of treatment, and you may have grounds to move forward with legal recourse. Discrimination is unacceptable and has no place at work.

Texas drug laws and 'drug-free zones'

Texas takes drug crimes extremely seriously -- even more so, however, when a defendant is caught with drugs inside a "drug-free zone." While it may seem unfair, getting charged with a drug crime inside of one of these zones can lead to much more serious consequences than if you were charged while standing just a few feet down the road.

What's a drug-free zone?

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