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Federal appellate court sends message on monetary bail

Historically, there has always been a concern whether an individual charged with a criminal offense will show up in court when he or she is tasked to do so.

Judges view certain defendants as low risk in that regard, given that they might have strong family and/or local ties that increase the likelihood of their attendance when required. Conversely, there is an elevated concern with some persons, namely, that they are flight risks or somehow dangerous to their communities.

Can you have a business relationship with your ex after divorce?

Your divorce ends your personal, marital relationship with your spouse. But what if the two of you owned a business together? Can you still have a business relationship?

Reports indicate that as many as 3.7 million married couples own businesses together in the United States. Regardless of the exact figure, it is clear that millions of people could be in the same situation as you. With the divorce rate being what it is, you're not the first couple to split up and have to decide what to do with your company.

One mistake with drugs could haunt your job search for life

If you get picked up on drug charges, you may be mostly interested in potential fines and jail time if you get convicted. While it is wise to educate yourself on the potential ramifications, remember that a conviction could impact your life long after you have paid your debt to society.

For instance, one man said that he made an "error in judgement involving drugs" while he was in college. He got arrested and spent some time behind bars. After his release, he finished up his computer science degree at college and then got a job as an IT worker at a company his family owned. His uncle hired him.

A Texas DUI conviction can have far-reaching repercussions

Let's say you're driving along a Texas road one night when a patrol car comes up behind you and signals you to pull over. You immediately glance at your speedometer to make sure you weren't traveling over the posted speed limit. You comply with the request to pull off the road and wait to see what the officer has to say. When he or she offers an initial greeting, then asks you to step out of your car, you know there's more going on than a possible speeding ticket. 

You consumed alcohol earlier in the evening but didn't think it was going to be a problem because you left the party several hours after your last drink. Situations like this have a way of snowballing into serious legal trouble, perhaps even DUI charges and possible conviction. You may not think a single DUI conviction would have that serious of consequences; however, even one conviction can have long-lasting, negative effects on your life. That's why it's critical to know how to protect your rights and try to avoid conviction. 

Feds pounce in major drug crimes sting netting hundreds of arrests

It was termed a "fraud takedown" in one recent national media piece, with that description certainly seeming apt for what was additionally denoted as the "largest health care fraud [crackdown] in U.S. history."

Its focus: the country's unquestioned opioid overdose epidemic. Although various sources differ on the magnitude of harm suffered nationally from that scourge, there is no debate that the human and economic costs have been staggeringly high. The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that overdoses of narcotic drugs such as hydrocodone and oxycodone resulted in 42,000-plus fatalities nationally in a recent year.

How to not raise DUI/DWI suspicions on Texas roadways

Ever see a driver pulled over by the police and wonder what, exactly may have been the reason? It's easy to suspect speeding, but in many cases it is because of erratic behavior, the tell-tale sign of DUI. Texas police will often make traffic stops for particular reasons, then wind up arresting drivers for suspected drunk driving when they may not have even suspected such when making an initial stop. To steer clear of legal problems while driving, it helps to know how to avoid becoming a target for a traffic stop. It's also useful to know what type of support is available to help mitigate your circumstances if a problem arises. 

Incompatibility in significant areas can lead to divorce

You and your spouse are not the same, and you should never expect perfect compatibility in all areas of your life. However, experts do agree that incompatibility, which may go unnoticed or ignored before the wedding, is one of the biggest reasons that married couples wind up getting divorced.

The areas in which couples find themselves incompatible differ from one relationship to the next, but some examples include:

Clear but limited victory for privacy advocates in SCOTUS case

A cellphone is different.

That's what it came down to for U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and the court's so-called "liberal wing" in a narrow 5-4 court ruling last week in a case focused on privacy rights.

All the court's cases are highly anticipated and much-watched affairs, of course. This one involving the government's securing of cellphone-linked evidence without a warrant was particularly notable, though, given its potential implications for government power and citizens' privacy expectations.

Some movement for pot decriminalization within Texas GOP

Legions of personal tales and strong empirical proofs underscore the reality that Texas criminal law authorities shun liberal attitudes and policies when it comes to marijuana-linked offenses and enforcement outcomes.

Put another way: Texas is not Colorado or California when it comes to pot possession, consumption, sales or any other marijuana-related activity.

Parents need to take distracted driving more seriously

Parents claim to take distracted driving very seriously. For instance, 74 percent of them claimed they were more worried that teens would get distracted behind the wheel than they were that teens would drive while intoxicated. This is a significant shift. Drunk driving used to be considered the most dangerous thing you could do on the road. While it is still obviously quite dangerous, this study -- the 2017 Family Safe Driving Report -- shows that cellphones have really changed the dynamic.

However, this same report also shows that parents need to take distracted driving more seriously than they do.

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