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4 types of couples with higher divorce odds

Looking at the odds of divorce in a vacuum can be rather misleading. After all, even if half of marriages end in divorce, that does not mean that the same level of risk applies to all marriages. Experts have identified certain types of couples who could see a higher risk based on the specific details of their own relationships.

Here are four examples of couples that may be more likely to split up:

  1. Couples with a power imbalance: These couples do not share responsibilities equally. When one person feels like he or she has no voice, the relationship becomes draining instead of enticing.
  2. Couples who ignored their own deal-breakers when they got married: For instance, one person may never want to have kids, while the other person only wants to start a family. They both said that was a deal-breaker, but then got married anyway.
  3. Couples who never talk about their finances: Stress about money is one of the leading reasons why relationships break down, and couples that do not talk about it and figure things out often run into conflicts over spending, saving and debt.
  4. Couples with endless drama: One minute, they're fighting and screaming that they hate each other. The next minute, they're back together and they can't get enough of one another. Some experts say they're "addicted to intensity." It may work for a while, but it's often doomed in the long run.

5 types of nursing home abuse

Nursing home abuse often goes unnoticed for a time, especially with elderly patients who cannot properly relate what is happening to them.

For instance, some have speech issues that make it hard to communicate, while others have memory issues that mean they do not even remember what occurred. In other cases, family members may not believe everything that an elderly person is saying, not knowing if they can trust the account, even if it's accurate.

Exceeding the scope: drug evidence tossed in warrantless search

Police say that a Houston motorist executed a flawed driving maneuver, so they stopped him. Based upon that, they handcuffed him and conducted an exhaustive search of his car. That turned up a small amount of cocaine. The driver was promptly arrested and ultimately pleaded guilty to drug possession.

Done deal?

Not hardly, as it turns out, according to justices from a state appellate court in the wake of their close scrutiny of the material facts relevant to the above case.

Is your business ready for a lawsuit?

Like many business owners, you are proud of what you have accomplished and have hopes of even more success in the future. This is why you devote as much time as necessary to risk management. You carefully train your employees, carry adequate liability insurance and stay current with the laws affecting your industry.

Nevertheless, a perennial problem for business owners is the lawsuit. Dealing with people, their money and their rights leaves you open to disputes, some of which you may not be able to resolve over a cup of coffee. It is important to be aware of the most common lawsuits business owners face. This may help you avoid situations leading to such costly disputes and allow you to be proactive if they should arise.

Celebrity DWI cases sometimes instructive

Texas is a flat-out big and highly populated state. That reality makes it a given that high numbers of individuals are routinely stopped by state troopers and police officers on suspicion of drunk driving. Many of those people are subsequently arrested and convicted on a DWI charge.

Relevant evidence indicates in an instant that DWI-focused police activity does not target any specific group. Rather, news stories from across the state underscore that every conceivable demographic is implicated in behind-the-wheel drinking-related criminal charges.

Delayed symptoms may indicate serious injuries

There is no question that a traffic accident, even a minor one, can disrupt your life. You may miss a day or two of work, go through the hassle of replacing or repairing your vehicle, and deal with the confusion of insurance adjusters and settlement offers. However, before you sign anything relating to possible compensation, you will want to have a thorough medical examination.

You may think this is more wasted time since your accident was low-speed. Perhaps the other driver rear-ended your car at a traffic light, which jostled you around a little. However, it is important to know that many injuries may not manifest themselves until days or even weeks after the accident.

Study: Weight-loss surgery can increase chances of divorce

Losing a significant amount of weight through bariatric surgery or any other method can have a big impact on your physical health, your self-esteem and the way you live. It can also affect your love life -- for better or worse.

According to two recently-published studies by Swedish researchers, while losing weight can be great for single people, it can cause problems for those who are married. As one U.S. surgeon notes, losing a lot of weight "leads many to re-examine their relationships with others."

Is this Texas criminal law outcome even remotely just?

She voted.

And then she got slapped with a five-year prison sentence.

We suspect that many readers of our blog will view the two brief sentences above as all they need to know to conclude that the outcome attached to a woman's vote in the 2016 presidential election was grossly unfair.

DOJ changes a start, but forensics commentators want more

Seemingly deemed as unerringly accurate at one time, forensic science -- both its techniques and processes -- has been somewhat on the defensive in recent years.

That is, there are critics. The advocacy group Innocence Project asserts that forensic evidence factors into about 50% of wrongful criminal convictions in the United States. Hair analysis accuracy has been materially debunked -- by FBI investigators themselves. Reportedly, no study exists to prove that a given fingerprint is actually unique. A recent media article spotlighting forensic science shortcomings stresses that there is "little evidence to support" the accuracy of bite mark-related analysis and that "there are even questions about the accuracy of DNA evidence."

Did you have a legitimate expectation of privacy?

If the police carry out a search, there are steps that must be followed. Typically, they need to have probable cause -- they have a reasonable suspicion that a crime happened -- and they need to get a warrant from a judge. Only then can they search your home, your car or anywhere else that you have an expectation of privacy.

In many ways, this expectation of privacy is the real key. If you don't have it, then the police can often search or seize items without a warrant.

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