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Telling (and sad) story re confidential attorney/client exchanges

A Sergi & Associates website page emphasizes with uppercase lettering a number of do-and-don't tips for individuals interacting with police in an in-custody capacity.

To wit: ALWAYS be mindful about disclosing any information at all to a questioning police officer. NEVER sign any statements or document for investigators. Demand an attorney NOW rather than later.

What are 3 ways to defend against a drunk driving charge?

Drunk driving charges can cause problems for a person's life even before a conviction occurs. Many Texas residents have lost their jobs and suffered irreparable damage to their relationships simply as a result of these criminal allegations. If the allegations, however, result in a conviction, the consequences will be worse, so it's important for those accused of DWI or DUI in Texas to defend themselves carefully.

Here are three defense techniques that could be of use to a Texas driver who has been accused of DWI or DUI:

2 frequently asked DWI questions

Finding a way to answer simply and effectively all of a client's questions is one of the most important jobs a criminal defense lawyer does on behalf of the individuals he or she represents. After all, an educated client is better capable of making the right decisions for his or her criminal defense, so it's important to keep a defendant informed.

Regarding the topic of driving while under the influence, here are two common question that drivers have:

A child custody hearing requires careful preparation

When going through a divorce, many Texas parents take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that their post-divorce lives are as stress-free and secure as possible; particularly for their children.

For many people, this means working out a custody arrangement outside the courtroom, but that option isn't always available. Some parents feel so strongly about their positions that they cannot come to an agreement on their own. If you are among these parents, your future may include a hearing for which you may want to take time to prepare.

Law enforcement power on display in Central Texas drug crackdown

When a Texas law enforcement spokesperson cited the "teamwork" and "joint effort" underscoring a recent crackdown on illegal drug trafficking in Central Texas, he was hardly thinking in small terms.

Although there are several takeaways from last month's huge drug bust centered on Killeen and Waco, this one might be uppermost, served up in the form a reminder: When criminal agencies commit to investigation and arrests in a drug probe, they don't fool around.

Are you concerned about these warning signs of divorce?

When you get married, you should realize that things will go wrong every now and again. No marriage is perfect, regardless of what you see on television.

Unfortunately, there are times when it may feel like your marriage is falling apart. You should keep your eyes open for common warning signs of divorce, as these may tell you that it's time to get serious about saving your relationship.

  • Everything is difficult: Even the most basic tasks, such as cooking dinner, turn into something much more challenging. From the start of the task until the end, you argue with your spouse.
  • You are unhappy: You only have one life to live, and you should do your best to be happy most of the time. If you're in a bad relationship, you may be unhappy to the point of it becoming noticeable.
  • You look for reasons to steer clear of your spouse: There's nothing wrong with alone time, but you shouldn't always be looking to avoid your partner.
  • Your instincts are telling you to get a divorce: If you have a strong feeling that divorce is the answer, you need to dig deeper to find out more.
  • You live more like roommates: There's a big difference between living as spouses and living as roommates, such as sleeping in different bedrooms and lacking communication throughout the day.

6 interesting facts about cohabitation

Cohabitation is now far more widely accepted than it was for previous generations, with a lot of couples deciding to live together before they get married. The reasons are many: cost, social norms, roles in the workplace and more.

As this change moves through society, it is important to consider how it impacts legal relationships, such as eventual marriages and the potential for divorce. Here are a few interesting facts to keep in mind:

3 die when SUV gets pinned between trucks and catches on fire

Three people passed away in a tragic car accident in Texas. Reports indicate that their SUV got pinned between a pair of semi-trucks and then it caught on fire.

The accident happened on Aug. 21, a Tuesday, right around 2:15 in the afternoon. The vehicle was close to Tanger Outlets, driving down Interstate 20.

What does "no refusal" mean in the context of Texas DWI?

You might be a Texas motorist who is unfamiliar with the state's so-called "no refusal" periods relevant to drunk driving stops. Rest assured you don't want to be personally educated about them via a close encounter with a Texas State Trooper or other law enforcer.

Texas law provides that drivers generally have the right to refuse a breathalyzer test when asked to submit to one during a roadside stop. We note on our DWI defense webpage at the San Marcos law firm of Sergi & Associates that refusal "may be to your [a detained driver's] advantage."

When shouldn't you exercise your right to free speech?

Regardless of how you ended up on a police officer's radar, once you begin interacting with an officer, you may want to watch what you say. In fact, this may be one time when discretion may be the better part of your constitutional right. Remember, you also have the constitutional right remain silent.

Of course, you can't just stand stoically in front of the officer, you will need to take certain steps in order to make sure that everyone understands that you will not be answering any questions or making any statements that could be used against you in a court of law.

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