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Take steps to avoid a drunk driving charge this Thanksgiving

You've no doubt heard of Black Friday, but are you familiar with Blackout Wednesday?

The night before Thanksgiving has become an American tradition all its own, with supersized parties taking place in bars all across the country. In many places, the annual event known as "Drinksgiving" actually surpasses other notable drinking days like St. Patrick's Day and New Year's Eve. Celebrants are usually in high spirits since they don't have to worry about going in to work the next day -- and many have a long weekend. A lot of younger people simply want to gather with their friends and family members and have a good time.

Subaru and Toyota conduct global recall of 400,000 defective cars

When an American consumer purchases a motor vehicle from a reputable automaker like Subaru, he or she expects it to be in proper working order. Unfortunately, that's not what happened for approximately 400,000 consumers throughout the world. In a recent recall announcement, Subaru and Toyota said that it was recalling hundreds of thousands of cars to prevent the risk of serious accidents.

The recall relates to problems with the engine valve springs in affected vehicles. The springs, which keep the valves shut during the combustion process, could fracture and cause the damaged engines to stall. This, in turn, could result in an accident.

The struggle of owning commercial property in the digital age

Like many consumers across the country, you have likely made numerous online purchases over the past year. Many shoppers enjoy the ease and convenience of making purchases over the Internet, having their goods delivered right to their door.

Unfortunately, while this makes it easy on the average consumer, it is not much benefit to owners of commercial property. If you are considering entering the world of commercial real estate, you must be prepared for the dramatic changes that are taking place in this digital age.

Time is running out to finalize divorces before 2019 tax changes

As Texas readers may know, President Trump passed tax laws in 2017 that will affect divorce and taxes in 2019. This may seem like a far-fetched possibility for you, but if you may have to pay alimony or you think you will receive this type of spousal support, it could actually apply to your situation. In fact, there may be a reason to try and finalize your divorce before the end of the year.

If your divorce process is already underway, it might be beneficial to reach a satisfactory resolution as quickly as possible. The new changes in tax law will not apply to divorces finalized before January 1 in the New Year. If you are not sure how this could affect you, it is smart to take immediate action to find out how you can best protect your interests. 

Remember this when creating your child custody plan

Creating a child custody plan is not entirely complicated, except for the many considerations when writing and agreeing to the plan. Here are some of the most important things that parents shouldn't forget:

- You must ensure that your parenting plan does not fall out of alignment with the most important Texas child custody guidelines.

What caused BMW to recall 1.6 million vehicles?

What if you spent over $75,000 on a brand-new luxury vehicle, and after a couple years of driving it, the car suddenly caught on fire for no apparent reason? Something similar to this story actually happened to several BMW drivers in South Korea. The instances prompted BMW to recall 1.6 million cars throughout the world to prevent unwanted injury to their customers.

Last Tuesday, when BMW announced the recall of 1.6 million cars in total, the automaker had already recalled 480,000 cars due to the same problem. Tuesday's announcement was an expansion of that recall by over 1 million cars to reach the total of 1.6 million.

Does Facebook really cause higher divorce rates?

Social media is a huge part of how people communicate, and it absolutely can strain relationships. Maybe it causes people to have secret online relationships, for instance, or gets them wrapped up in online drama. But does it really lead to more divorces when people use it more often?

That was what some people claimed when a study came out saying that divorce rates rose with increased Facebook use. Per the study, if the number of people on Facebook went up by 20 percent during one year in any state, the following year would see a divorce rate that was 4 percent higher.

How should I explain myself in criminal court?

When it comes to criminal court proceedings, a defendant may have a variety of criminal defense strategies available to help him or her navigate the legal process. One of these strategies relates to the way the defendant explains him or herself. You might refer to this as the type of "criminal defense story" the individual employs. Below, you'll find a quick overview of the two ways criminal defendants usually explain themselves.

Which "criminal defense story" do you think would be appropriate in your situation?

Texas defendant gets lengthy prison term in medical fraud case

Defending some criminal cases is a relatively straightforward and not overly complex proposition. A thoroughly knowledgeable and well-prepared lawyer is thankful when such opportunities materialize.

Of course, they are not especially common occurrences. Many matters that come to a defense attorney's attention are anything but simple. Indeed, they often involve flatly complicated issues that demand an advocate's closest and studied attention.

How your spouse's mental illness can affect your divorce

The data indicates that one out of every four adults in the United States will suffer a diagnosed or undiagnosed bout with mental illness at some point in our lives. They may range from narcissistic personality disorder to obsessive-compulsive disorder to anything in between and beyond.

How your divorce proceeds could depend on the severity of the mental health issue, whether it's been diagnosed and whether your spouse follows his or her doctor's treatment plan.

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