Auto Accidents

The Personal Injury Law Section of David K. Sergi & Associates, P.C. is well-versed in handling auto accidents. Our Personal Injury Lawyers have handled hundreds auto accident cases for almost two decades, and have a well-disciplined legal team in place, working towards obtaining appropriate recoveries.

General Information:

(Please note the following comments are general in nature, are not intended to address a specific legal question, and do not constitute legal advice.)

Generally speaking, if you have been involved in an automobile accident:

  1. If you are not taken to a hospital, see a doctor as soon as possible.

  2. A lawyer's purpose is to practice law and a doctor's is to practice medicine. As a result, we leave medical treatment to the sound discretion of the doctor.

  3. Make sure you follow all advice given by your doctor. Also, make sure your doctor understands exactly why you hurt. It is the important that the medical records reflect a true and accurate account of your injuries, as this is usually the basis upon which insurance companies settle claims.

  4. Try not to speculate about other causes of a particular pain unless you are sure. If you speculate that there may be another cause and it is written in the medical records, the insurance company will be sure to look at that and use it as a basis for lowering the amount of settlement, claiming there is a pre-existing injury. However, be honest at all times about pre-existing injuries that you know about.

The Process:

In handling a typical automobile accident claim, our Personal Injury Law Section first gathers all information relating to liability, such as interviewing witnesses and obtaining the police report. We obtain all medical records and provide the insurance company with a complete package of materials to make the evaluation of your case easier. It is the experience of our Personal Injury Lawyers, that if we present a thorough settlement package, the insurance company is more likely to settle on favorable terms.

If the case does not resolve, our Personal Injury Law Section will review your case prior to initiating litigation. If our Personal Injury Law Section determine that it is a good case, and our Personal Injury Lawyers have the time and resources to pursue the case, we will file suit. If not, we will release the claim and you owe us nothing. Please remember that at David K. Sergi & Associates, it does not cost a penny to hire us unless you recover money.