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How to get medical treatment after an accident

Getting medical treatment is the most important thing you can do after a car wreck. Obviously, you should get medical treatment so that you can recover from your injuries. However, there is another reason, as well. Getting medical treatment can help protect your personal injury or insurance claim.

How going to the doctor can protect your claim

There are many reasons people do not go to the doctor after a car accident. They might not think they need medical attention if their injuries don't seem severe enough. Going to the doctor might give them anxiety. Or they might not have insurance or money to pay for the visit.

However, you should not let these reasons or any others prevent you from going to the doctor after a car wreck. Here is why: The insurance company will use it against you. They will say that you must be exaggerating your injuries because if you had been seriously injured, you would have gone to the doctor immediately.

This argument is used time and time again, and unfortunately, it often works in the insurance company's favor.

If you don't think your injuries are serious enough to go to the doctor...

Many serious injuries increase in severity in the hours and days after an accident. It's important to get treatment immediately to not only prevent the injury from getting worse but to also document your symptoms.

If going to the doctor makes your nervous or scared...

The doctor's office makes a lot of people nervous, and that is okay. Ask a family member or close friend to go with you so that you will feel more comfortable and at ease. And remember, leaving an injury untreated will only make the outcome worse.

If you do not have insurance or money to pay for a doctor's visit...

Contact a personal injury lawyer right away who can set you up with a medical provider who will treat you without cost in exchange for the promise to pay for your treatment with your insurance or personal injury settlement.

As a law firm that assists car accident victims, we cannot stress enough how important it is to get medical treatment right away following a motor vehicle accident of any kind. Next to working with a lawyer, it is the most important thing you can do to protect your claim after an accident.

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